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I love travel photography. I actually love the “travel” part more than the “photography” part, but I digress. When I travel, I try to get slices of the scenery, the architecture, the culture, and the people. I can do a decent job on most of those categories, but the people photography aspect is my weakest […]

Last two…


Thinking back to my weekend jaunt to the UW Quad and the cherry blossoms there, I wish I tried more unconventional ways to shoot the flowers and trees. On my drive back home, I thought I could’ve tried throwing the camera in the air while spinning it and see what I get. I could’ve also […]

It’s Tax Day in the US of A, so while the last few people complete their filings by today’s deadline, here are three more photos from the weekend for your enjoyment!

I’ve been out of this for several weeks now, not writing and just getting on with the rest of my life. My apologizes to the few readers I may have. Well, I’m sort of back, maybe. Mrs. Blog and I took a trip to Seattle over the weekend. Her sister flew into town on a […]

Happy New Year!


All of Asia and Oceania, and most of Europe and Africa has already celebrated the new year. Next up is the Americas and Iceland. (What time is it now around the world?) Happy new year folks! It’s been a fun trip writing this blog since I started in March. My hope is that I can […]