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Just over 4 months ago, I wrote a short review about the Microsoft Pro Photo Tools and concluded that it didn’t serve my needs because it didn’t support RAW geotagging. Well, Microsoft apparently were in tuned to some people as their second version supports RAW! This is excellent news! I had the opportunity to put […]

This is a software review for those with Nikon SLR cameras, so those that have other brands of cameras please move along… I predominately shoot NEFs; I don’t even bother with shooting JPEGs or JPEGs+NEFs because it just adds to the maintenance hassle. But when I occasionally want to generate JPEGs for viewing/distribution, THAT becomes […]

I sound like a broken record. Nearly every photography blog is announcing that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 has been released. Well, it has, and here’s the Adobe Lightroom site. A better page to read up on new features is on Scott Kelby’s blog here All the new stuff is super sweet, and some are downright […]

I was looking at the stats of visitors to my site and found something interesting — it seems that a large majority of readers use Firefox 3. 36.4% in fact. Granted I don’t get a whole lot of visitation as it is, so this is by no means representative of the rest of the web […]

Firefox 3 has been released! Get it here directly (the Mozilla site is pretty hard hit apparently) and be involved in breaking the world record for most downloads in a day. However, you might want to hold off on installing it. Sure it’s been a long time coming, and it’s been tested with 3 release […]