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…and Facebook and Photobucket and Picasa. Photoshop Express has inked a deal with many photo websites to allow editing of your photos on those sites in Photoshop Express. I’ve formerly written about Photoshop Express itself and how I wasn’t going to put my photos on that site, because of it’s bad user policies, but now […]

You would think that after the uproar over the Photoshop Express EULA, Adobe would learn something from it and make it at least as non-intrusive as the other photo sites. That’s not to be, unfortunately. They’ve improved the wording about their use of your content to only be for “the Service”. This is the good […]

Well, I’m not a regular reader of End User License Agreements (EULAs) but maybe I should be. Apparently the Adobe Photoshop Express site has an EULA that indicates that any photo you upload to the site can be used by Adobe in pretty much whatever way the company chooses to without crediting you or paying […]

If you’re subscribed to any photography blog or read any online photography news, you’d know that Adobe’s version of online photo sharing, editing, etc. is now live. It has a nice clean interface. Its editing features are pretty slick in that you can easily see what kind of effects your photograph will have, for example […]