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It’s summer and lavenders are in bloom. Short of making a trip to Provence, and believe me I would LOVE to go there, I’m shooting the few lavender bushes we’ve planted out front, and also planning a trip (or two) to a few lavender farms for the weekend’s Oregon Lavender Festival. I got a couple […]

The New York Times published an online article today discussing the tips on taking better photos when on vacation. They interviewed a pro photographer, Dan Lipow, asking him for his tips and tricks on shooting better. I’m mostly cognizant of his tips, so on the risk self-aggrandizing, I thought it’d be interesting to answer some […]

Having a camera with me at all times has allowed me to take photos in unexpected places. Most of the time, I’m not shooting for the sake of photography, but mostly for documentation: that pretty flowering plant I might consider for my backyard, or interior design ideas in that model home. However, every once in […]

I very strongly lean towards the simplicity of design in my photos, which sometimes makes getting good shots a little difficult in some situations. For instance, I was at Shreiner’s Iris Gardens near Salem, Oregon last weekend, and while there were many beautiful bearded irises in the garden, I didn’t find anything I’d take — […]

I love travel photography. I actually love the “travel” part more than the “photography” part, but I digress. When I travel, I try to get slices of the scenery, the architecture, the culture, and the people. I can do a decent job on most of those categories, but the people photography aspect is my weakest […]