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Years ago in Internet time I started a search for a photo hosting site because I exhausted the two sets I could have on Flickr and was contemplating the paid version. In the process, I looked at several such as Picasaweb, PBase, Adobe Photoshop Express, etc. The tedium got to me and I stopped before […]

It seems that Getty Images, the world largest distributor of photos, and Flickr has hooked up. Getty is apparently combing through images on Flickr to good ones, and they might invite prospective photographers to be published under the Getty banner. Rather than rehashing this short article on New York Times, please follow the link for […]

If you don’t know already, I’ve been searching for a photo hosting site for over a month now. I’ve been evaluating a bunch of sites and so far, Flickr is the best of the bunch for my needs. Well, looks like LifeHacker is asking the same question, but the question is directed to the readers. […]

Photobucket is out of the running. After trying it out for an hour or so, I read the terms of use and that was the end of my trial. So goes my search for a photo hosting site. Photobucket Bad user rights. On its terms of use page, you’ll see: By displaying or publishing (“posting”) […]

There are much to like about PBase, but then the lack of other features, and the occasional extreme slowness kills it. It’s been rather slow going as I lose interest in searching for a photo hosting site. I need to move faster. PBase Excellent user rights! PBase clearly states that the images uploaded by a […]