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In monochrome


Reuters has an excellent series of monochromatic images on their site. Nearly everyone of them speaks to my love of simplicity in photos. Many think of monochrome images as black-and-white images. True, B&W images are a subset of monochrome images, but any photo that has predominantly one hue can be considered monochromatic as seen in […]

With all eyes on the Olympics, I’d expect to see wonderful photos, and I’m not disappointed. The website has a collection of excellent photos of the event. (Update: Looks like the collection is continuously updated from the front so the numbering are all off. So ignore the links and just enjoy the collection.) Some […]

National Geographic has a photo essay by George Steinmetz on Bolivia and the Altiplano, and the photos are breathtaking. While there are many spectacular ones, like the first photo of flamingos (oh so sharp and clear!), the one that stood out the most for me is the photo of the shadow of Sajama, the highest […]

Yahoo! has a slideshow presenting aerial photos of an Amazon tribe that has not had contact with the outside world. In the smallish images, you can see the hostility from seeing aircraft as they branish their bow and arrows. It’s quite astonishing to me that given how fast the world is shrinking from exploration and […]

While I occasionally watch football (soccer to the US folks), I’m not an avid fan, but I do like a good matchup. I missed yesterday’s Champions League final, but can see the excitement captured in the NYT’s slideshow gallery. The game with Manchester United vs. Chelsea finished regulation time drawed at 1-1, went into two […]