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Here are the winners from the previous Wired photo contest on Water: Editors’ picks I particularly like images 3 and 9. Readers’ picks Most of the photos selected are very good here. Also, with the ending of the old contest, another one is started. This time the theme is Summer. I apparently do not have […]

Another photo contest has been launched at Wired. This time the theme is water. Have fun with it. One of my favorites from last year’s trip to Peru shows a couple of fishing boats on Lake Titicaca. This lake sits between Peru and Bolivia and is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world at […]



Whadayaknow… apparently the editors thought my Vatican spiral staircase photo was good enough to be an Editor’s Pick for their online Black and White photo contest. I’m quite honored! Beautiful spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum Here is a link to the largest version I uploaded. This shot was the best of four taken […] once again has another photo contest. This time the theme is Black and White. I went over some of the submissions and some are really good, and there are some that are just plain bad. I actually have two B&W shots that I really like that I’m uploading. Both I’ve displayed in my earlier […]

Wired is hosting another photo contest. This time the topic is “Macro”. The title is broad enough to open up to a lot of possibilities. Here’s my submission of a butterfly taken in the Butterfly Exhibit at the Oregon Zoo. This is one of my favorite shots for some reason. I think the softness of […]