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This is too funny to not mention, especially since I was just there a few days ago. Last week, I came across this article about how the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is used by many Christian denominations and that there’s an uneasy truce between them. Read it; it’s hilarious! BTW, here’s a picture with […]

In an earlier entry, I wrote about MSN Live’s cashback program that has Microsoft giving you a cashback for purchasing from certain stores. Well, the cashback amount has gone up! Now the cashback from B&H is from 5-8.8%, Adorama is 7.5% and J&R is 15% (!). Apparently, the amount is controlled by the merchants, and […]

I knew about this cashback a long time back when it started but it didn’t register until recently. Microsoft Live Search has a cashback promotion where you’ll get cashback for shopping at specific stores. This is great if you’re planning a large purchase like a camera or lens, but works for cheaper stuff as well. […]