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I saw this YouTube video a few weeks back, so this isn’t exactly current news, but what Ira Glass talks about in the video is also applicable to photography. So who’s this Ira Glass? If you’re from the US, you might know him from his program “This American Life” on National Public Radio. His program […]

James Duncan Davidson has an excellent blog post about using different point of views to get unusual and unique photos. The simplest technique that normal people like me can use is to not shoot standing straight up, or from the same location as everyone else. Try a different elevation — higher or lower elevations might […]

Use the light


In my last entry, I wrote about 5 classic photo rules. One of which is to maximize the light, especially during the magic hours. Yesterday, National Geographic Traveler blog also wrote about the light in a new photo tip. They mentioned 3 “secrets”: Use the light during the magic hours but know when those times […]

There is a set of “rules” in photography that are considered classic rules. Not so much “rules” than “good guidelines”. Photography is about creativity after all, but you need to start on firm footing to learn about your creative space. Digital Camera Reviews & Photography Tips lists these rules in a new article: f/8 and […]

Over the past week or so, NGT has published two articles on shooting tips: How to Shoot a Portrait How to Shoot a Landscape The tips were culled from the expert photographers in their fold. While none of the tips are particularly earth shattering, they’re good reminders of how to maximize your opportunities for good […]