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Just over 4 months ago, I wrote a short review about the Microsoft Pro Photo Tools and concluded that it didn’t serve my needs because it didn’t support RAW geotagging. Well, Microsoft apparently were in tuned to some people as their second version supports RAW! This is excellent news! I had the opportunity to put […]

There are two ways (that I’m aware of) to geotag your photos: Manually locate the location of your photos on a map such as Google Maps and then record the info onto the photos’ metadata Record the GPS location as you take your photos, and write the location to your photos (either as they’re taken […] just published an article on geotagging. It’s really a general overview of what it is and how one might go about starting this. If you’re new to this area, it’s probably a good read. I’ve been trying (but not very hard) to find a good software to do this both for photos without GPS […]