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This is not about a girl named Diana — I actually don’t know of any Dianas personally. This is about the Lomography Diana+ camera that I received as a gift some time back. I took her (I guess it’ll have to be a “her” given the camera’s feminine name) out on a day in Portland, […]

One thing I can’t stand about my old Nikon D200 and my new D300 is the screen protector. The flimsy piece of plastic seems like an afterthought against the expensive body. Granted that the design has improved a little since the D200 — I was in constant fear of breaking the securing tab from plastic […]



Yesterday I received by mail a gift from my sis-in-law for Christmas and my birthday. What makes it unusual is that I don’t do Christmas, and my birthday was months ago. Never to turn down a nicely wrapped gift — it’s just impolite — I opened it to find a Lomography camera! In fact, I […]

The camera manufacturers seem to have been really busy churning out new stuff for Photokina 2008 happening at the end of the month. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for the DSLR area. First at bat was Canon with the 50D. Now methinks this is in response to the market share that is […]

Over a month back, I was looking around for a neutral density filter to slow down my shutter speed to capture the flow of motion. I was theorizing that a 4-stop ND filter would be ideal. Stacked with my polarizer, I’ll cover the range from 2-6 stops. After that entry, I spoke to a friend […]