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Here already?


Can you believe it? What’s supposed to be a two-week ordeal became just a three-day wait. My newly minted Blurb book wasn’t supposed to get here for a long time, but somehow, the process turned on the afterburners and after a day, I get a message that the book is done and is being shipped […]

Gosh, editing is hard work! After talking about wanting to put together a photo book for my holiday in Spain for a while now, I finally got off my keister and started working on it. At about 2pm yesterday, I fired up the BookSmart software from Blurb and thought about what images should go into […]

Photo books


Ever since I tried the “free” photo book from Shutterfly, I’ve really hooked onto the idea of printing one with each of our vacations. However, while the Shutterfly book was fine, the whole experience could’ve been better — the laying out and format was driving me nuts. So, I’ve been looking around for another printer […]