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When I first started posting my problem with Mozy backup a while back, Len Pallazola, Customer Service Systems manager at Carbonite, contacted me and offered assistance with any questions I may have, and in also getting started with Carbonite if I was interested. I’ve had a few thoughtful emails with him since. Over the weekend, […]

Hopefully my ongoing tale with Mozy will finally be done. The last reply from the Mozy tech indicates that the problem I’m seeing, a error of “Disk full (FilesystemError3)”, where my largest file of 4.9GB isn’t getting backed up, will be resolved by 6th of July. Here’s the reply: Hello, and thank you for contacting […]

I could *nearly* set my watch to the interval between my response to Mozy, and the reply from them. I responded to them on July 2nd, and I received a reply last night at 11:42pm, nearly 2 days difference. That has been how things have been going — I respond, 2 days later, a reply. […]

I was hoping this post on Mozy would be good news that everything is working out finally, but alas, that’s not to be. As I last indicated, my problem has moved to not being able to backup a 5GB file, and I’m getting this error, “Disk full (FilesystemError3)”. Conceivably, the error is pointing to a […]

Before going on vacation for a few days, I was having problems with Mozy backup. I believe it was resolved last Friday, so I fired off a full backup and took off. I just came back and realized the backup didn’t all work. All but one file was backed up. 70.1GB did get backup, and […]