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Looks like Belkin isn’t the only company found inflating their own reviews. Now the backup company, Carbonite, is also caught with its hand in the cookie jar. So a company that’s supposed to be trustworthy enough for you to trust your data with them is found underhandedly writing positive reviews about their own service on […]

I never thought it’ll happen, but my hard drive with all my photos, personal documents and financial data failed. This happened suddenly as well, as the drive SMART checking didn’t show a problem before the drive failed, and in fact, it was working fine a minute before, and after a reboot, failed completely. Windows XP […]

A month later, I’m at the end of the tunnel with the Mozy issue and I see sunlight. (see the end of this post for timeline) Unfortunately, it isn’t something the Mozy techs fixed on their side, and it’s not clear what needs to be done on the client side either in the event this […]

Two days ago, Brian Tolliver from Mozy Technical Support contacted me again (he’s been the one I’ve been in correspondence with since the problem began), and told me the following: Hello, and thank you for contacting Mozy technical support, While working with a higher level technician, we have made some adjustments. With these adjustments, you […]

It’s two days after the problem I’m seeing with Mozy backup is supposed to be fixed, yet it persists. I’ve sent another email to their support team.