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The New York Times published an online article today discussing the tips on taking better photos when on vacation. They interviewed a pro photographer, Dan Lipow, asking him for his tips and tricks on shooting better. I’m mostly cognizant of his tips, so on the risk self-aggrandizing, I thought it’d be interesting to answer some […]

I love planning vacations. Reading guidebooks, perusing maps, reading websites, looking at online photos — I love them all. It’s like going on vacation before going on vacation. Mrs. Blog and I generally make it a point to go somewhere for our vacations, and while we’ve already had an overseas trip to Asia for my […]

I’ve been out of this for several weeks now, not writing and just getting on with the rest of my life. My apologizes to the few readers I may have. Well, I’m sort of back, maybe. Mrs. Blog and I took a trip to Seattle over the weekend. Her sister flew into town on a […]

A chore


Writing blogs can sometimes be a chore. Like now. We just came back over the weekend from our obligationary vacation to Asia for my brother-in-law’s wedding, and then to California for my brother and his wife’s firstborn (congrats!). It’s a long trip with lots of stops and we’re glad to be back to normalcy. Now […]

Hello there from partly rainy Singapore. I’m back in sweltering Asia again, but this time it’s not all fun and games — my brother-in-law is getting married, and we’re here for the wedding. The wedding is actually in Jakarta, but I’m visiting my folks in here in Singapore before flying over to Indonesia for the […]