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Hi y’all, For those in the US of A, hope you had a great 4th of July weekend. I was trying and failing to stay cool teepee’ing on the other side of Mount Hood. The weather hovered around 100 degrees F, and that pretty much zapped my energy to shoot any photos. On the plus […]

This is too funny to not mention, especially since I was just there a few days ago. Last week, I came across this article about how the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is used by many Christian denominations and that there’s an uneasy truce between them. Read it; it’s hilarious! BTW, here’s a picture with […]

It seems that Getty Images, the world largest distributor of photos, and Flickr has hooked up. Getty is apparently combing through images on Flickr to good ones, and they might invite prospective photographers to be published under the Getty banner. Rather than rehashing this short article on New York Times, please follow the link for […]

Last year, my wife and I visited Peru and among the many wonderful places we say, Machu Picchu, a new seven wonders of the world, was among the more memorable ones. Before our trip, to better immerse ourselves into the history of Peru, we read a lot and watched videos about the Incas, etc. One […]