What a difference a year makes


I was thinking about the blog today and how it seems like I’ve been doing this for a while now. Lo and beyond, it’s been more than a year since I started this blog!

In fact, this was started on March 22, 2008. 153 posts and 61 spam comments — no, I don’t need the blue pills, but thank you for your consideration — later, I’d like to think that I’ve gained some wisdom and a little bit more skill in the art of photography.

I started this project as a way to get me back into photography again. I was getting tired of shooting; getting bored with the same old. I’d rather sleep in than try to catch the perfect sunrise. In some ways, I still do when the bed is warm and the weather outside chilly, but there have been more flashes of inspiration to get out and explore. And I’d like to think that this new found drive has gotten me shots I would’ve not captured. Some of the photos in Newport, the rainy shots in Madrid, or the foggy photo of the Hawthorne bridge wouldn’t have happened had it not for this. I would’ve still been in bed or taking a nap, or anything but being out shooting.

Besides the actual shooting aspects, I’ve also opened my eyes to new techniques from reading other blogs and seeing other photographers’ images. Some of the images were brilliantly done, capture and/or postprocessing, but there are others that made me go hmmm… If anything, I learnt what I didn’t like and what I wouldn’t do.

I even printed two photo books, and have one listed on Blurb, although I wouldn’t buy it myself, given the cost.

Then there’s the whole getting an online presence thing. In the process of writing my blogs, I explored different means of sharing my images with the rest of you, including Flickr and finally Smugmug, where my images still remain.

I truly appreciate the friends I’ve made and the comments I’ve received. The fact that there are people reading what I’ve spent time on puts a smile on my face, even if my most frequent visitors are more interested in my Mozy travails, or, strangely enough, looking for “Gotham” and end up finding this.

So what’s next? I don’t have anything specifically planned, but I do plan to keep on chugging for some time to come. There’s still much to see, much to experiment and much to shoot, and that’s how I like it.



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