Planning the next journey


I love planning vacations. Reading guidebooks, perusing maps, reading websites, looking at online photos — I love them all. It’s like going on vacation before going on vacation.

Mrs. Blog and I generally make it a point to go somewhere for our vacations, and while we’ve already had an overseas trip to Asia for my brother-in-law’s wedding, it’s not quite a vacation given the need to visit and socialize with family, etc. So with about 2 weeks of vacation left for the year, it’s time for us to start thinking of the next journey. Trip duration, administrative restrictions (need to apply in person for a Schengen visa), work load, avoiding high season, and weather narrows the time frame for our vacation to some time between September and October, and limits our choices of places. Currently at the top of the list is Turkey.

To be honest, Turkey wasn’t really on our radar until recently. I’ve been reading quite a bit on history covering the Persian wars, the Byzantine and Roman empire, and they all mentioned the area around Turkey. Late last year, Scott Kelby visited Istanbul, Greece and Egypt, and showed off some of his wonderful images. That perked my interest. Then it turned out that Greece needed a Schengen visa, so we decided on Turkey. But seriously, we love history, art and architecture, and where else but the site of three empires provide more of each? Another reason is the Cappadocia region in the middle of Turkey. The rock formations are fantastic! I can only hope to get good shots there.

We’ve only started thinking about it, and who knows if this truly is where we’ll go, but it’s real exciting.



3 Responses to “Planning the next journey”

  1. 1 Barrie

    Turkey sounds like a good pick. I have friends who spent a year (or more) in Europe and there favorite place to live was Turkey. They really loved it.

  2. 2 Barrie

    ps – I do know that their is spelled t-h-e-i-r. I hate not being able to edit blog comments!

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