Last two…


Thinking back to my weekend jaunt to the UW Quad and the cherry blossoms there, I wish I tried more unconventional ways to shoot the flowers and trees. On my drive back home, I thought I could’ve tried throwing the camera in the air while spinning it and see what I get. I could’ve also stood under a tree, spun myself on my heel and take a long exposure. Maybe some vertical or horizontal motion blurs of white flowers. How it’s a little too late.

I’ll keep those in mind the next time I shoot.

For now, I have two last photos from the series. I like both of these quite a bit, especially the second one for some reason.

This first one has a simple enough theme. I was fortunate enough to have a clear unobstructed shot of this couple under the flowering tree. No one else was nearby while I took several frames.

Sweet nothings...

Sweet nothings...

As I said, I particularly like this second shot. It’s a straight shot looking up from under one of the Yoshino cherry trees. I like how the branch runs across the frame, and the contrast of the dark branch and the pink flowers against the pale blue sky. I enhanced the image by increasing the black levels to darken the branch, added more contrast to bring out the flowers, and slightly increased the blue of the sky; just a little was enough. I finally added a little vignetting.



BTW, if anyone is in the Portland area, or even beyond, this weekend is the Hood River Valley Blossom Festival. The Hood River valley is spotted with pear tree farms and they’re in bloom (the trees, not the farms), so should make for good shooting, especially with the good weather coming.



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