Coyote beautiful


I actually totally forgot about this when I wrote last weekend’s entry about shooting in fog, but while driving around for subjects in the Aloha area not too far from my place, I came across wildlife! A coyote! I thought I’d write about it now before I forget again.

I wasn’t even sure it was a coyote (I don’t think we have wolves in the area) because it was so far away, and only after taking a few shots with my 80-200mm and zooming into the subject on the LCD of my camera did I realize what I was seeing.

The animal was far enough that it wasn’t spooked. In fact, even after I stopped the car and got out, it keep staring at me.

It finally turned tail, literally, and walked off, and I happily drove off as well.

I know with something like this, I gotta have pictures or it didn’t happen, so here you go — a highly cropped and rather fuzzy image of the coyote.

Coyote beautiful

Coyote beautiful.

Have a good weekend!


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