Shooting in a fog


No, I’m not taking photos intoxicated with a camera in one hand, and a brewski in another, although arguably, I might get more creative with photography if I did. In this case, I literally mean shooting in a fog.

For the past few days now, Portland and the surrounding area have been blanketed by a rather dense layer of fog in the morning. While driving to work, I noticed several interesting subjects to shoot and was lucky enough to have the weather pattern persist through today.

So for both yesterday and today morning, I grabbed my camera gear and set out to find interesting stuff to shoot. Yesterday, I was searching mostly in the Aloha farmland area and north of Sunset Highway in the Helvetia area. The farmland area was quite hard to shoot, because the roads were one-way each way with quite a few cars driving around, and there wasn’t a shoulder to stop when something caught my eye. The Helvetia area was much better with less traffic and sufficient places to stop. Today, I mainly confined myself to downtown Portland, with a short stopover at Pittock Mansion on the way home.

This is the first time I actively shot in fog, and I think I do have some images that worked for me.

One thing I realized is that it does require some postprocessing work to bring out the best of the images. A little local contrast enhancement or reduction helped emphasize or deemphasize the focal point. Also, I found that converting some of the images to B&W worked quite well to create a certain starkness, as they were rather monochrome already because of the fog.

Here are a couple of my better ones.

Hawthorne bridge over Willamette River.

Hawthorne bridge over Willamette River.



The other four are here.

Got an idea for shooting in fog? Drop me a note.


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