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This is not about a girl named Diana — I actually don’t know of any Dianas personally. This is about the Lomography Diana+ camera that I received as a gift some time back. I took her (I guess it’ll have to be a “her” given the camera’s feminine name) out on a day in Portland, […]

James Duncan Davidson, a photographer based in my part of the world, Portland, Oregon, whom I’ve never met, much less spoken to, which is rather surprising, given that there is only about two million people in the metro area, so I would’ve expected to have bumped into him and recognized him while walking around town, […]

One thing I can’t stand about my old Nikon D200 and my new D300 is the screen protector. The flimsy piece of plastic seems like an afterthought against the expensive body. Granted that the design has improved a little since the D200 — I was in constant fear of breaking the securing tab from plastic […]

I actually totally forgot about this when I wrote last weekend’s entry about shooting in fog, but while driving around for subjects in the Aloha area not too far from my place, I came across wildlife! A coyote! I thought I’d write about it now before I forget again. I wasn’t even sure it was […]

I’m fresh off publishing my first photo book using Blurb and while it was very good, I wasn’t TOTALLY pleased with it. I wrote about it here. Since that short time ago, I’ve been checking out other publishers. So imagine my surprise when I was at Powell’s Bookstore browsing through magazines that I saw that […]