A Spanish photo book


Gosh, editing is hard work! After talking about wanting to put together a photo book for my holiday in Spain for a while now, I finally got off my keister and started working on it.

At about 2pm yesterday, I fired up the BookSmart software from Blurb and thought about what images should go into the book, and what to write as captions for the images. Little did I know, I’ll also have to decide on what fonts to use, what font size to use, what page color to use, how to lay out the pages, do I want fries with that, etc. Basically, my initial thought of getting it done in a couple of hours became a monumental labor of love, and at 10pm, I was finally done, and had a pretty good preview to show. Even then, I realized that with my choice of font size, I managed to spell “tree” as “ttree”, among other spelling errors, so thank goodness for the built-in spellchecker in BookSmart; I thank Blurb for putting in that most useful feature into the software.

To be fair, it probably shouldn’t take that long, but I’m rather anally retentive, so if I’m gonna do it, it had better be perfect, damn it! That meant vacilating on the page color — I started with a mixture of white and black pages, before finally settling on black — and doing my utmost to maximize sharpness. The latter has something to do with my friend, Barrie Brewer’s comment in my previous blog entry about her photo planner not being as sharp as she liked. Me being me, I took every precaution to ensure perfect sharpness. This meant figuring out the pixel dimensions of each image box (just hover your mouse over it), what resolution Blurb printed at (300dpi), and then exporting the exact height/width of the image from Lightroom. That’s tedious work, but I want to be sure any loss of sharpness isn’t on my end.

So finally, the book is sent to press. It’ll be about 5-7 days before it’s shipped, and then another 5-7 days before it arrives, so I’m looking at a 2-week wait. I hate waiting…

Still I think I’m quite pleased with the process. It’s laborious, but to see the preview of the finished product is quite exciting. Let’s see how the final product looks. Till then, I’m not making it publicly available on Blurb just yet.

To share my efforts, here are a sample of the 40 pages I put together. Clicking on any of the images will take you to the slideshow of the samples on my website (gosh do I wish WordPress.com would support the Lightbox feature…). Hope you enjoy them.



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