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Ever since I tried the “free” photo book from Shutterfly, I’ve really hooked onto the idea of printing one with each of our vacations.

However, while the Shutterfly book was fine, the whole experience could’ve been better — the laying out and format was driving me nuts.

So, I’ve been looking around for another printer for my photo book of Spanish photos. So far, while I’ve not done too much research, I’ve been quite impressed with what I’ve read about Blurb. They seem to be much more flexible in terms of layout and also page color — you can have black or white pages in the same book plus a variety of patterns, unlike Shutterfly, which is just one type for the entire book. The prices at Blurb seems pretty reasonable as well. For an 8×10 book with 40 pages, the soft cover version is $20 + S&H. Definitely more expensive than Shutterfly, but hopefully the quality will bear out.

In particular, I like being able to download a software to do the actual layout and then upload everything to their site for printing.

I’ve barely started out trying Blurb, so I’ll reserve judgement, and will write about it in the future.

Drop me a note if you’ve tried their service or have some recommendations.



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  1. 1 Barrie

    Hi Top! SO funny – I just received my first Blurb book about an hour ago. It’s a journal/planner with photos from my trip to Venice. Here’s a link to see it on blurb:

    I’m pretty pleased with the quality. The binding and the paper are very nice. There are no mistakes – the layout looks just like it does on the computer. The photos seem a little dark to me but that could my fault. I haven’t calibrated my screen.

    I do wish the clarity was better though. The photos seem a bit soft. It’s not terrible. To someone not familiar with the photos, it looks fine. But I know they are sharper than they appear so that bugs me.

    As for the cost, my book is 112 pages so it is a bit spendy. More expensive than I would like. If you keep the page count down, I think the price is very good for the quality of the book. It does add up fast though when you have more than the minimum number of pages.

    All in all, I’m happy with blurb. I had a blast making the book. I’ve already started to work on another and have lots of ideas for more. Be sure to send me a link when you get yours posted.

    • 112 pages?! That’s a lot! I loved Venice when we visited it 10 years ago but that’s a lot of pics. I checked out your book on Blurb and it looks nice. I’ve just finished my own book yesterday. Let’s see how all that work turns out. Not 112 pages, mind you; mine’s only 40 pages. Cheers.

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