Yesterday I received by mail a gift from my sis-in-law for Christmas and my birthday. What makes it unusual is that I don’t do Christmas, and my birthday was months ago.

Never to turn down a nicely wrapped gift — it’s just impolite — I opened it to find a Lomography camera! In fact, I received a Diana+.

Lomography Diana+

Lomography Diana+

Not only that, she also bought me the accessory 55mm wide and close-up lens!

Now this is quite interesting. I’ve always been intrigued with the whole Lomo and Holgar phenomena, but never really spent much thought GETTING into it, so the gift camera was something else.

More on the Diana+. It’s a plastic manual 120 film camera that comes with a 75mm lens, which is approximately equivalent to a 46mm lens in 35mm format. It has four aperture settings, including a pinhole setting, and it has two shutter speed, normal and bulb.

Given that it’s a plastic lens with imprecise focusing, I suppose I’m not supposed to get sharp photos. It’s all about the creativity of it, I assume. This is quite a departure for me, since I’ve always been a little anal about getting sharp, crisp shots, even if they’re sometimes defocused.

Also, it’s analog. The last film camera I had, I sold a couple of years back to move to digital. However, it’s not just any film camera, it’s a 120 format camera — a medium format camera. This I’ve never had. While I dread going back to film and having to go through the process of digitalizing the images again, at least I don’t have to worry about causing imperfections or decreasing the acuity of the images due to the scans — they’re not going to be that sharp from the get-go :-).

I’m quite excited about this actually. It’ll take a different mindset to shoot with the camera, but I’m hopeful it’ll open up new possibilties, but first I’ll have to make a trip to the local pro shop to get some 120 film maybe this weekend.

Drop me a note if you have a Lomo story to share or have tips on using my new toy.



One Response to “Diana”

  1. Oh cool ! 🙂
    Lomos are great ! Unpredictable though but none the less fun ! Cool thing about these is that you don’t need to worry about camera controls and so forth so it’s nice for a change just to have fun with creativity and not worry about being all technical and stuff. And these little things can produce some awesome photos too (this is why they are popular I guess). But they can also produce some really crap shots too, but the good ones are so worth it !
    Hope you have fun with your Diana ! and look forward to seeing the photos !

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