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Looks like Belkin isn’t the only company found inflating their own reviews. Now the backup company, Carbonite, is also caught with its hand in the cookie jar. So a company that’s supposed to be trustworthy enough for you to trust your data with them is found underhandedly writing positive reviews about their own service on […]

Here already?


Can you believe it? What’s supposed to be a two-week ordeal became just a three-day wait. My newly minted Blurb book wasn’t supposed to get here for a long time, but somehow, the process turned on the afterburners and after a day, I get a message that the book is done and is being shipped […]

Depending on where you are in the world, I might be a day late, but to the approximately 20% of the world’s population who celebrate it: Happy Lunar New Year! The festivities last for 15 days anyway, so I you can say I could be up to 14 days early :-). This is the year […]

Gosh, editing is hard work! After talking about wanting to put together a photo book for my holiday in Spain for a while now, I finally got off my keister and started working on it. At about 2pm yesterday, I fired up the BookSmart software from Blurb and thought about what images should go into […]

12 years ago was when I first saw a real aurora borealis or northern lights. I was between educational degrees, and pre-Mrs. Blog and I decided to take a roadtrip from Seattle to Alaska and back over the last part of summer break. School didn’t start up again till September, so to try as much […]