My backup strategy saved me


I never thought it’ll happen, but my hard drive with all my photos, personal documents and financial data failed.

This happened suddenly as well, as the drive SMART checking didn’t show a problem before the drive failed, and in fact, it was working fine a minute before, and after a reboot, failed completely. Windows XP indicated that it couldn’t access the drive. Even running chkdsk to fix the drive didn’t help — it was dead.

I’ll be trying other ways to access the data, but as the subject indicated, my backup strategy save me.

I have both an onsite backup with a Western Digital My Book 500GB hard drive that runs nightly, and also an offsite backup using Mozy. I was fortunately that the backup the night before backed up most, if not all my work in Lightroom, but we’ll have to do a restore to see how things fare.

I’m also fortunate that I have several computers at home, so I’m able to access the internet, etc. on other PCs.

Even with the security of a backup, it’s still a pain to have a hard drive fail. I know my way around my PC, so I know what to do to replace the drive. Still it requires forking out money to buy a new drive, and go through the restore process.

If you currently don’t have a backup plan, start one immediately. After tens of years of using computers, this is my first hard drive failure, but I was prepared. Can you afford to lose all the data on your hard drive if it fails tomorrow?



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