Back from Spain


Mrs. Blog and I returned from Spain yesterday, and we had a wonderful time. The weather could’ve been better, but we did chance it by visiting this late into the season.

I’ll write more in the coming days, but for now I’ll leave you with a photo taken in the Alhambra in Granada of a series of Moorish arches.

Due to the low level of light in this room — the Hall of the Abencerrajes, and also because it’s a cloudy day, this was shot at 1/30s, wide open (f/3.5) at ISO 800 with my 75-150mm manual lens set at about 120mm. This isn’t a VR lens, and we cannot use a tripod in the Alhambra. To get this one relatively sharp, I took over 20 shots and evaluated each before being satisfied — the power of digital I suppose. Even then, the depth-of-field is very shallow, with only the middle white arch being in focus.

Arches to the Hall of the Abencerrajes in the Alhambra

Arches to the Hall of the Abencerrajes in the Alhambra

To appreciate the beauty of the Alhambra without the actual cost of the plane ticket, see this virtual tour.



3 Responses to “Back from Spain”

  1. I love the Alhambra. I have been twice, and light is really dark. Nice picture. It really captures the detail of the walls. Where else in Spain did you go?

  2. 2 TopL

    Hi Maggie, twice? That’s cool. I’d love to go there again when it’s not dreary and drizzling :-). I posted another entry yesterday detailing my trip a little more.


  3. Thats really funny because the first time I went the weather was gross and then the next year I went I went in June and the weather was AMAZING. It was still dark though.

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