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Happy New Year!


All of Asia and Oceania, and most of Europe and Africa has already celebrated the new year. Next up is the Americas and Iceland. (What time is it now around the world?) Happy new year folks! It’s been a fun trip writing this blog since I started in March. My hope is that I can […]

I’ve not accessed Lightroom for over a week now. Last Monday (12/15), my main hard drive with all of my photos failed. Immediately after, I placed an online order for 2 1TB drives with the plan to add an extra layer of protection by mirroring the drives. I ordered from NewEgg and was supposed to […]

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas and happy belated Hanukkah!

Spain is a fascinating place, with rich culture and excellent food. During our travels there, we made several interesting observations, and I thought I’d share them. As a caveat, these thoughts are specific to the time, interactions, weather, places we experienced, so YMMV. Still if there are any mischaracterizations, please correct me in the comments. […]

I never thought it’ll happen, but my hard drive with all my photos, personal documents and financial data failed. This happened suddenly as well, as the drive SMART checking didn’t show a problem before the drive failed, and in fact, it was working fine a minute before, and after a reboot, failed completely. Windows XP […]