Quiet time in Andalucia


Our trip to Andalucia is coming up and we can’t wait to put a hold on the daily grind and focus on something else completely.

Since we don’t carry a laptop on such trips, I’ll be in quiet mode until I return.

One question that keeps coming up is if it’s warm in Andalucia. Nope. It’s actually about the same temperature as it is over here in Portland. Normally, it’s supposed to be drier, but checking the upcoming forecast, I’m afraid we got the short straw and got even colder weather and some rain thrown in as well. Hopefully the rain is brief and we can enjoy the rest of the time. The way I see going to a potentially colder place is that when we get back, it’ll feel warmer when we get back!

I’ve been scouting photo sites, such as Flickr, SmugMug, etc., for photo ideas, and I think I have plenty. Too many ideas in fact, and too many new places to potentially visit. It’s hard to control how much to see without going overboard.

As for equipment, I’m packing a bit. I have the D300, the 12-24mm, the 17-55mm, and a manual 75-150mm. I’m also lugging my grad filter and the 10-stop ND filter. Also, I’m lugging the Gitzo Traveler tripod with Markins Q3 ballhead. The rest of the accessories are compactflash cards, remote release, bubble level, blower, microfiber cloth, and GPS data logger. To round off the weight are two storage drives to download the images to — a Nexto Extreme and a Vosonic VP-6230. And I thought carrying all that film was cumbersome!

I’m still open to any photo ideas from anyone who’s been to Andalucia or who lives/d there, so please send them along. Given the tentacular reach of this blog, I’ve been literally inundated with all of zero ideas since I last solicited for them about a month or so back. But I’m not bitter.

For those in the US of A, happy Thanksgiving.



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  1. Have a great trip, travel safe and have fun…

    Happy T-day

    R(etc… )

  2. 2 TopL

    Thanks Ron!

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