Eating well and getting lost in Israel


I’m still in Israel. The business requires me to stay around for one more week, and so I did. Sure  the upside is more time to sightsee, but the downside is living out of a hotel, long work hours, and  missing family.
Still the weekend is here and is ending, and I tried to make something of it by spending Friday visiting sights  near to Haifa, one of which is the . It’s quite an amazingly well kept  grounds with manicured lawns and shrubbery, and neatly trimmed trees.

Bahái shrine of the Báb and garden

Bahá'í shrine of the Báb and garden

The other place I visited was a Druze village in Daliyat al-Carmel. While the town itself isn’t  particularly remarkable or photogenic, hence the paucity of photos from there, the food is  excellent! I had fresh, hot falafel, sharwama and Turkish coffee to wash it all down. Did I mention  the chickpea patty balls deep fried and served piping hot? I’ve had it many times in the US Portland, Oregon and  they’re terrible compare to this stuff. Mmm… falafel…

Today I went back to the Holy City of Jerusalem again, and again got lost — this time trying to get  onto the Mount of Olives for the fantastic view of the Temple Mount and the city. Unfortunately,  more postprocessing is needed, so you won’t see it yet. On the way out, I got lost another time  trying to get to the highway to Haifa. Missed a turn and ended up reaching the Palestinian checkpoint by Ramallah before turning back and finding the right road. Don’t drive in the town if  you don’t have to… the dang place is a maze. The saving grace is that Israelis seem to make U- turns anywhere they can do so, even right in the middle of a straight road with no turnouts. If I  hadn’t made such turns, I’d probably still be looking for my way into Jerusalem.

Shopping in Jerusalem

Shopping in Jerusalem

So ends my last weekend here, and yes, this IS the last weekend here. I still have a few more days  of work, but looking forward to going home.



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