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Our trip to Andalucia is coming up and we can’t wait to put a hold on the daily grind and focus on something else completely. Since we don’t carry a laptop on such trips, I’ll be in quiet mode until I return. One question that keeps coming up is if it’s warm in Andalucia. Nope. […]

This is too funny to not mention, especially since I was just there a few days ago. Last week, I came across this article about how the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is used by many Christian denominations and that there’s an uneasy truce between them. Read it; it’s hilarious! BTW, here’s a picture with […]

Shalom y’all. It’s coming up three weeks since I arrived in Israel, and it’s been a memorable experience. This is a business trip, with emphasis on “business”. That meant long hours — I normally arrive at work at 7:30am and don’t leave till past 7pm — and generally higher stress levels. It’s not fun living […]

I’m still in Israel. The business requires me to stay around for one more week, and so I did. Sure  the upside is more time to sightsee, but the downside is living out of a hotel, long work hours, and  missing family. Still the weekend is here and is ending, and I tried to make […]



Yesterday, a friend and I visited the walled city of old Jerusalem. I was there 10 years ago, also on a business trip, but I got more opportunities to explore this time round. After arriving, we quickly partook in an excellent brunch — me, a delicious falafel sandwich; my friend, a supposedly excellent shawarma sandwich. […]