A couple of photos from Haifa, Israel


Shalom folks.

So I’m in Israel now, and had decided to bring along my Nikon D300 camera, a couple of lenses — a 17-55 and a 75-150, and a small tabletop tripod, the T’Pod, by a small company in Washington State called Trek-Tech. I bought this just before this trip, so I’ll be writing a short review on the tripod in the future.

Yesterday night after the rain subsided, I finally managed to get a few photos of the night lights of this city, and stitched it into a panorama using a freeware called autostitch (I’ll write about this in a future post). I think it turned out pretty nice actually.

Night lights of Haifa, Israel

Night lights of Haifa, Israel

The capital dome looking building left of center is the Bahá’í Shrine of the Báb, which is an important place of pilgrimage for the religion. The steps on the lower right corner is also part of the Bahá’í grounds, which has an impressive and extensive garden. Further in the distant is the Haifa ports, and then the Mediterranean Sea. This photo is stitched from three photos.

Here’s another one I took this morning from the sad excuse for a window from my room in my hotel.

Room with a view from Haifa, Israel

Room with a view from Haifa, Israel

It’s a pano from five photos, and I must say this autostitch tool is quite impressive (first time I’m using it). The netting structure left of center above the terracotta roofed house is an aviary that is part of the Haifa Zoo. You can see the hotel swimming pool on the lower right corner, and the Mediterranean Sea beyond. It’s a beautiful morning!



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