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It’s not often to get a really nice weekend in October up here in the Northwest, but we had one this past weekend. Having stroked our collective interest in photography with the Worldwide Photo Walk, with grapes being harvested and processed for wine making around now, my group of friends decided to head our local wine country to do some tasting. Oh yes, we took a few shots as well when we weren’t getting smackered.

Pinor Noir grape leaf turning

Pinor Noir grape leaf turning

I never thought I liked what the local vineyards were good for — Pinot Noirs. I always thought they sort of tasted like dirt. Sure, some people call it “earthy”, but it’s “dirt” to me. So I was quite surprised to actually enjoy the five different types of Pinot Noirs I sampled.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see anyone harvest anything, but for 25 clams, we did get to taste some Pinot Noir grapes, and see the process of getting from grape to wine, and also getting smackered on tastings of $60 bottles of Pinot Noirs.

Removing leaves and young grapes from the batch

Removing leaves and young grapes from the batch

I must say that if you’re in the region, do check out Archery Summit Vineyards, where most of the photos were taken from and you can buy really expensive stuff. And if views of the plains are what you’re after, Anne Amie Vineyards will fit the bill. Their Pinots are also quite good for getting smackered on.

See the rest of the few images I took here.

Cheers! (and I take another swig…)


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