Andalucia, here we come!


Buenos dias!

Nearly every year, Mrs. Blog and I will come up with some place to go where people don’t speak English and where the photography subjects abound. In the past few years, we’ve traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula, western France, Italy, Peru, and this year we’ve decided to go to southern Spain for 10 days.

One of the reasons for choosing southern Spain was that fact that we’ll be going at the end of November, so our destination should preferably be in the southern hemisphere. We debated Mexico again (again), Costa Rica (too jungle-y like the Peruvian Amazon), and other parts of Central and South America. We thought about Africa (too far and too short a time), Greece (apparently cold and rainy), parts of Asia (we’ll be going next year), and finally ended up with the Andalucian part of Spain. Nothing against any of the other places, but after several extraordinary trips to western Europe, both Mrs. Blog and I have a predilection for that part of the world.

Based on our research, the weather is generally mild even in winter and while there’s definitely more chance of rain, it shouldn’t dampen our trip too much.

Our current plans is to see Cordoba, Sevilla, the pueblos blancos, Granada, and a bit of Madrid. All that in 10 days. I’m sure it’s not nearly enough to even cover the main sights, but we’ll try.

To be honest, we’re very psyched to see Spain again. We’ve visited Barcelona a few years back and loved the city, so we can’t wait to see the part of Spain where flamenco started, where bullfighting began (not that I condone that…), where Moorish Spain can be appreciated.

Of course, since this is most a blog about photography, the beautiful architecture, landscape, and people will play a large part in making this trip memorable. In particular, we’ll be seeing the Alhambra both by day and by night. It’ll cost us, but I think being able to appreciate the surrounding by different lighting will be worthwhile.

I’ve already been scourging the websites for good photos of Andalucia just to get inspiration, so if you have some or know of some, drop me a comment below. My plan is to bring along the Nikon D300, the 12-24mm, the 17-55mm, the 75-150mm manual lens, and my Gitzo GT1541T light tripod to capture the sights.

If you also have tips or ideas of what we surely cannot miss, let me know as well. We welcome all ideas for planning our trip!

Finally, I’m making a concerted attempt to learn some Spanish before we go — it’s always more fun to converse in the local language. We’ll see how that goes in two months.

Alright then! Adios!


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