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It’s Friday, and the weekend in Israel is finally upon us and I have a change to decompress a little. Israel’s work week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. Today I drove up north from Haifa to the crusader city of Acre, or Akko, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, the Knights Templar built […]

Shalom folks. So I’m in Israel now, and had decided to bring along my Nikon D300 camera, a couple of lenses — a 17-55 and a 75-150, and a small tabletop tripod, the T’Pod, by a small company in Washington State called Trek-Tech. I bought this just before this trip, so I’ll be writing a […]

I’m writing now from rainy Israel. I’m on a business trip that will have me here for a couple of weeks. I’m based in Haifa, which is at the northwest part of Israel and is by the Mediterranean Sea. I was hoping to have some photos of the Haifa night lights by now, but the […]

In two weeks. To be honest, leaves were already turning when Mrs. Blog and I visited the Portland Japanese Garden over the weekend, but we’re a little early; it definitely hasn’t reached the peak yet. If you’re in town and want to shoot great fall colors nearby, visit the Gardens in two weeks. This was […]

Wine tasting


It’s not often to get a really nice weekend in October up here in the Northwest, but we had one this past weekend. Having stroked our collective interest in photography with the Worldwide Photo Walk, with grapes being harvested and processed for wine making around now, my group of friends decided to head our local […]