Grabbing JPEGs from NEFs and shutter counts


This is a software review for those with Nikon SLR cameras, so those that have other brands of cameras please move along…

I predominately shoot NEFs; I don’t even bother with shooting JPEGs or JPEGs+NEFs because it just adds to the maintenance hassle. But when I occasionally want to generate JPEGs for viewing/distribution, THAT becomes a hassle with shooting NEFs only — I’ve got to load it into Lightroom, and manually generate the JPEGs. I’m sure there are many automated solutions out there that’ll create JPEGs from NEFs, but why do any heavy lifting when it’s already there.

Not many people know that a full-size high compression JPEG lives happily in each NEF. So instead of generating a JPEG, why not just grab it from the NEF? Well, the fine folk (just Jaewook Chung if I’m not mistaken) at Really Useful Software has indeed crafted a really useful donation-ware in the Preview Extractor that will do just that.

Extracting JPEGs from NEFs using Preview Extractor

Extracting JPEGs from NEFs using Preview Extractor

Above is a screenshot of said program. Just add source and destination directories, and the software goes to town and grabs the JPEGs from each NEF in the source directory. My only gripe is that I can’t just do one, I have to do each and every one from the source directory. That’s an extra step to copy to temporary area, and…

But wait! There’s more! Said program will also tell you how many actuations were used on your camera to reach a particular photo.

Getting shutter counts from Preview Extractor

Getting shutter counts from Preview Extractor

This time the software lets you pick one photo and it tells you the shutter count of that image. As you can see, I’ve hit the shutter on my Nikon D300 1597 times since I bought it not too long ago.

I’m sure there are equivalent software for the other camera brands, so if you know one, share it in the comments.

Happy Friday!


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