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In an earlier entry, I wrote about MSN Live’s cashback program that has Microsoft giving you a cashback for purchasing from certain stores. Well, the cashback amount has gone up! Now the cashback from B&H is from 5-8.8%, Adorama is 7.5% and J&R is 15% (!). Apparently, the amount is controlled by the merchants, and […]

Over a month back, I was looking around for a neutral density filter to slow down my shutter speed to capture the flow of motion. I was theorizing that a 4-stop ND filter would be ideal. Stacked with my polarizer, I’ll cover the range from 2-6 stops. After that entry, I spoke to a friend […]

The World Wide Photo Walk has come and gone yesterday. Three of my friend and I met up at Fuller’s Restaurant (excellent diner for breakfast BTW) and then proceeded to the meeting point at the Vera Katz East Esplanade, where about 50 other eager photographers were waiting for the kick off. I saw all sorts […]

I knew about this cashback a long time back when it started but it didn’t register until recently. Microsoft Live Search has a cashback promotion where you’ll get cashback for shopping at specific stores. This is great if you’re planning a large purchase like a camera or lens, but works for cheaper stuff as well. […]

Years ago in Internet time I started a search for a photo hosting site because I exhausted the two sets I could have on Flickr and was contemplating the paid version. In the process, I looked at several such as Picasaweb, PBase, Adobe Photoshop Express, etc. The tedium got to me and I stopped before […]