Lavender fields forever


Saturday was a good day to be out shooting. The weather was quite mild and there were clouds in the sky for interest.

In particular, my wife and I visited several lavender farms in the Helvetia area north of Hillsboro in Oregon. We’re actually a little late to shooting lavender as the local lavender festival was 2 weeks ago, and we feared most of the lavender would be cut down by now. Luckily, the rather extensive lavender field at Bishop House lavender farm was still mostly standing.

One of my photography friends lent me his 6-stop ND filter, and I was eager to try it out on creating cloud blurs. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite happen as it was rather bright by the time we started shooting (about 8:30am) and even with a stacked polarizer, couldn’t get the speed up beyond 7 seconds. The wispiness of the clouds didn’t help and the effect didn’t show.

This shot was taken at 5 seconds, f/13, ISO 100. I enhanced the blue sky a little to make it stand out from the white clouds. Also, I cloned out some sort of tank visible in the small shed.

Lavender fields
Lavender fields


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