Sandisk Extreme IV 4GB compactflash card for US$34


Here’s a public service announcement: has the Sandisk Extreme IV 4GB CF card for $79 with $45 rebate! If you buy two, the rebate goes up to $100, and $160 for three. With a purchase of three cards, your per unit cost is only about US$25. Amazing! Free shipping too!

If you need the fastest performing memory card out there for blazing writes from your camera, this is the model to get.

I only need an additional one, so that’s what I just bought.

Sandisk also has rebates on other products, but you’ll need to check them out yourself.



2 Responses to “Sandisk Extreme IV 4GB compactflash card for US$34”

  1. I just hate price drops and rebates. Between my 2GB, 4GB and 8GB Extreme III cards I can’t justify spending more dosh for more cards….unless I were really to need the additional speed of the type IV cards.

    But don’t you just hate the idea of passing up a ‘deal’?

  2. 2 TopL

    Hi forkboy,

    You seem to have many more cards than I do. This is actually my second Extreme IV 4GB card. Besides that, I have a couple Ultra 2GBs and even smaller stuff. I’m actually getting something I need with the larger file sizes of the D300 :-).


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