Shooting headstones in a cemetery at sunrise


One of my friends took up photography some time back and is currently attending a photography class by photographer Warren Mitchell at the Portland Community College. Last week he invited another friend and I to join him in their class field trip. Even though the meeting time was 4:45am and at a cemetery, we decided to go. The point was to photograph Mt Hood at sunrise, and other elements of Washington County.

I didn’t get any good photos of Mt Hood (the lighting and composition didn’t quite inspire me), but the headstones around us proved to be interesting subjects. Now I don’t make it a point to normally take headstones, but one came out pretty well. The sun rose at about :530am, and about an hour later, I noticed the long shadows casted by a row of headstones. I took several photos. In Lightroom, I desaturated every HSL color channel and worked the color luminosity settings to get the color differentiation I was seeking. I also increased contrast a little, and added some vignetting.

Long shadows from headstones
Headstones in a cemetery at sunrise


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