Mozy backup support is truly astonishing


Two days ago, Brian Tolliver from Mozy Technical Support contacted me again (he’s been the one I’ve been in correspondence with since the problem began), and told me the following:

Hello, and thank you for contacting Mozy technical support,

While working with a higher level technician, we have made some adjustments. With these adjustments, you should be able to perform backups. If there is anything we can do for you please let me know.

Brian Tolliver,
Mozy Technical Support

So I try backing up again, and it failed yet again. So I replied:

Hi Brian,

I ran it three times this morning and each time it failed with the same error. Would it help if I communicated directly with R&D on this to speed up the turnaround time?

I’ve attached the latest log.

Just now, Brian replies and tells me:

Hello, and thank you for contacting Mozy technical support,

You are receiving this issue because you are currently out of space on your hard drive. You will either need to change your backup set so that you are incrementally backing up your data, or you are able to change where you having your temp files being placed. To do this, please follow the instructions below.

**Note, this solution applies to Server 2000, Server 2003, 2000 Home/Pro, XP Home/Pro. Vista is slightly different.**

1) Ensure that you’re running Mozy or later (The latest version is found at
2) Create a new folder in the volume/drive for temp files. Ex: D:\temp\.
3) Then, click “Start,” right click “My Computer,” and click “Properties.”
4) Click the “Advanced” tab and then “Environment Variables…”
5) Scroll down under “System Variables,” click “TEMP,” and click “Edit…”
6) Change “Variable Value” to the desired path. Ex: D:\temp\ and click “OK.”
7) Click “TMP” and repeat the same process mentioned in steps 5 & 6.
8) Click “OK” again to close the “System Properties” window and then restart for the changes to take effect.

Mozy’s temporary files will now be stored in the new location you chose. If you run in to any troubles along the way, don’t hesitate to ask me for help.

Brian Tolliver,
Mozy Technical Support

I blew a fuse when I read that. This is the *THIRD* time he sends me this response. Does Mozy not have a record of the support correspondence? FIrstly, they should, and secondly, the ticket number of “t889279691276” had been in the subject of *EVERY EMAIL* between Brian and I, so Brian can very well track the progression of the problem.

So just to recap on my ordeal for those newly joined:

  • June 18, 2008: I moved my data disk, and on restarting backup, I get “MozyServerError12”.
  • June 19, 2008: I got response from Brian about downloading latest version of software. I did and restart backup. I then saw “ConnectError3”.
  • June 20, 2008: I received the canned response as above from Brian for the first time. He was right, I didn’t have enough temp space. So I changed that to a disk with 20GB free and restart backup.
  • June 20, 2008: Devin Knighton, Mozy PR manager called at my work and checked that my backup was working. I was impressed and told I’d check when I get home. I didn’t mention his involvement in my blogs. On getting home, things looked pretty good as backup was happening.
  • June 25, 2008: I got back to town to find the backup didn’t complete and errored with “FilesystemError3”. The backup wasn’t backing up a TrueCrypt container of size 4.9GB. I still had nearly 20GB left on my temp drive, so that shouldn’t be the problem.
  • June 26, 2008: I contacted Brian again.
  • June 28, 2008: Brian replied and asked me to send the log, and ensure that I had the newest version of the software.
  • June 29, 2008: I replied with a snippet of the log.
  • June 30, 2008: Brian replied that he needed the whole log. I sent it to him.
  • July 2, 2008: Brian sent me the canned response as above the second time. I told him that I had and asked for what I could try next.
  • July 4, 2008: Brian informed me that they’ve began implementing a solution to the issue, and provided some guidelines on automatic backup settings. I checked and mine were all more conservative.
  • July 5, 2008: Brian informed me that the resolution will be fully implemented by July 6.
  • July 8, 2008: I replied that I was still seeing a problem. I emailed Devin Knighton.
  • July 11, 2008: Brian informed me that that they “made some adjustments” while working with a higher level technician, and it should now work. It didn’t.
  • July 13, 2008: Tonight, Brian sends me the canned response a third time. I blow a fuse. No reply from Mr. Knighton since.

I have not had a full backup for nearly a month since I started experiencing problems. I do believe I’ve given Mozy a fair shake to get the problem fixed, but somehow they’ve not been able to. I’ve even offered to work directly with their R&D to see this resolved.

You might think that I’m a glutton for punishment, and that I should just move to a different service. I do think I am, somewhat. The effort of having to deal with finding another provider just wasn’t worth it to me. At this point, I’m questioning the security of Mozy even if all this was resolved — what if I have a problem during restore? How long will it take to get my data back? The problem is that their tech support is not listening, evidenced by the multiple canned responses.

I have to think about this one…


17 Responses to “Mozy backup support is truly astonishing”

  1. 1 Dan

    I have been having the same error – Disk full (FilesystemError3) – for about a month or more. I sent an email to and never heard back. It’s on a secondary PC so I wasn’t too concerned, but it’s becoming more of a thorn in my side. I came back to re-address the problem today and found your blog.

    I have been a MozyHome advocate for a few years now because of it’s simple interface and low price. MozyPro has the ability to backup Windows Servers and Windows Exchange Servers, so I signed up a while back to be a reseller and have about 10 clients using MozyPro. My first experience with MozyPro, however, was a huge disappointment. The online interface for MozyPro is a nightmare. It is overly complicated and confusing and it’s not set up for resellers at all (for example, there is no way to differentiate between computers at different sites that have the same name.)

    When they recently quadrupled their pricing (Feb or March 2008) for MozyPro, I was pretty disgusted and told them so, although I still use them because they backup servers (Carbonite does not).

    So, a few months ago, I signed up for Carbonite on my primary home PC and paid for the unlimited backup ($50 per year compared to $60 with Mozy). I really like Carbonite. I shied away from them initially because they used to not backup files larger than 2GB. I think that limitation is now gone. Ironically, the main thing I don’t like about Carbonite, is it’s simplicity – it’s great, but it’s hard to really find a list of all your files (like in MozyHome’s setup) that are being backed up. You can jump around your PC and look for the little dot on the icons, but you quickly find that there are a lot of file types that don’t get backed up by default. So you have to hunt around on your entire drive and tell Carbonite to backup each file individually that happens to be a file type that is not backed up by default. There is an option to “backup all files of this type”, but I think that only applies to files that are in folders that are designated to be backed up… i am not sure how it works exactly and that’s the problem – I end up having to scour my entire hard drive and make sure every file that I really want backed up has the little dot on it.

    Now, I am not backing up EVERY file on my drive – I understand why Carbonite excludes many file types, but I wish there was an easier way to view your drive structure (like in Mozy) to quickly see EXACTLY which files are being backed up).

    So, I hope that gives you some insight into the differences between Mozy and Carbonite. I still have the Mozy error, but I am going to work on it today to see if I can make some changes and resolve it. Thanks for the post!


  2. 2 Dan


    My total backup quota with MozyHome is 2GB and my Mozy config page showed that I was only using 77%, but when I checked the status, and then the History page, it kept saying my backup was 4.7GB.

    It was failing with the Disk full (FilesystemError3) error saying there was a 3GB file remaining that it couldn’t backup.

    I went to the History tab and clicked on several of the jobs in the upper window to see the detail in the lower window. I noticed there was always a 3GB file in the list. The path showed it was a thumbs.db file on my desktop! Using the “Folder Options” Control Panel in Windows, I turned on hidden and system files. The thumbs.db file appeared on my desktop, but it said it was only a couple of kilobytes in size. So Mozy was incorrectly identifying it as being 3GB. In my case, the thumbs.db file wasn’t important, so I deleted it. Then I went to Mozy and clicked “Start Backup” and after several minutes… success!

    Hope this helps shed some light… -Dan

  3. 3 TopL

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the comments.

    For me, the problem is really a 4.9GB file. It’s a TrueCrypt container that I use to store important financial and personal data. That’s the file it’s failing on. I’ve been in contact with Mozy support and they’re telling me it’s because they have problems handling the TrueCrypt data since it’s encrypted, but I could’ve swore it worked when the container was 2GB. I’m on a business trip now, so cannot retry the backup with a smaller TrueCrypt container, but will do so when I get back tomorrow. More updates to come.


  4. Shocking support is why I ditched Mozy Pro and went with Angel Backup. My data is critical to my business so I need to know that it has been backed up safely, and that I can get through to a real person when things go pear shaped.

  5. 5 TopL

    Hi Jason,

    It seems you’re spending some time dropping the Angel Backup name in many comments (do a search for anyone interested). Also, your email has the base domain off, where Robert Hosker is apparently an Angel Backup affiliate. Can you disclose your affiliation with Angel Backup?


  6. 6 Ramit

    Well at least you got a response. In my case, my Mac Mozy client seems to be backing up randomly in the background, but there is no way for me to control the application (after the first configuration). I have not received even one response for my MULTIPLE emails to all their support email addresses.

  7. Make your backup life easy, because we really do work and you are not locked into us for a lifetime of payments.

    Good luck!

  8. Mozy support will soon wakeup and give the best information to our customers . Mozy is a wonderful product and once we get the support going strong.
    Mozy will be the next Microsoft…

  9. 9 Chuck Baker

    My Mozy would not back up my files yesterday. I received a message that said my antivirus software may have rejected mozy backup. The instructions sait to delete all the mozy files using the mozy uninstaller. I did this and then tried to reload mozy pro. The sign in page would not recognize my email address. Please help.

    Chuck Baker

    • Is this a new installation of antivirus software or has it been there already before the problem? Similarly, are you using Mozy for the first time? I’m just trying to ascertain why the problem is occuring now. If this is something new, I’d try reverting back to your prior installation, like unistalling or disabling your AV software. Anything thing you could try is boot into safe mode (F8) if you’re on Windows and try backing up then. Finally, if you haven’t already, do contact Mozy support and ask for help. You’re paying them, so should at least have a working backup I
      Please do report back on your progress. Good luck!

  10. 11 Josh T

    I found this blog while trying to figure out why MozyHome was giving me “Disk Full (FilesystemError3)”, even though I had plenty of free disk space. Reading your post gave me an idea that solved my problem — sometime last week I was cleaning up my hard disk, and I deleted an empty directory called e:\temp from one of my hard drives. It turns out that that was MozyHome’s temp directory, and the program is too stupid to recreate it. I put the empty directory back, and sure enough MozyHome is happy again.

    • Hi Josh T. And you figured out your solution from reading my blog??? Well, I’m glad it’s good for something :-).

      Apreciate your comments to help others. Cheers!

  11. 13 Strom

    Hey thanks Josh T, I had the same problem. I installed an additional HDD recently and I noticed a new empty temp folder in it so I deleted it. Now that I recreated it mozy works again.

  12. I found this post while trying to find Mozy support. I submitted a support request five days ago because all I get when I try to back up is a “reticulating splines” message that never ends. It is still “reticulating splines” five days later.
    If I didn’t need backup, I wouldn’t have paid for Mozy. I need backup! I also need support.
    Any clues on how to get someone even to answer a request? At least you had some success with that.

    • Hi enlightenedhorsemanship.

      Well, you could write about your experiences with Mozy in your blog. Worked for me :-).

      But seriously, by posting your problem and providing a way to contact you, if any Mozy rep reads this, and I do hope someone monitors this, you’re ensuring that Mozy can get back to you.

      Another option is to see if one a support rep for their Mozy Pro side can help, if it’s something straight forward. You can chat with one or call one from their support page here:

      Hope these suggestions help and you get your backup running again!


  13. 16 Randy

    Please find the steps below,this will avoid Mozy using your D drive-Recovery Drive.

    1. Create a folder names Temp in the Drive which have enough free space.
    2. Please click on “Start” and click on “Run” (you can also use the keyboard combination “Windows key + R”).
    3. Type in “regedit” in the Run command box without the quotes and hit Enter. This initiates the registry editor.
    4. Inside the registry editor;

    A. Double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
    B. Double click on SOFTWARE.
    C. Double click on Mozy.
    D. Double click on Options.
    E. Double click on the key “tempdir” (on the right pane).

    Please Note: if the “tempdir” option is not there, right click and Choose New -> String Value; name the new value “tempdir” without quotes and press ‘OK’.

    F. Remove all the text, and type in “:\Temp” for example: C:\Temp without the quotes (you can use any directory / drive of your choice; please make sure the folder exists on your computer).
    G. Close the window.

    5. You can also close the Registry Editor window.

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