Ask the readers: Newport, Oregon photo ideas


My wife and I are planning to visit Newport Oregon in about a month for several days. Newport is by the coast and has it’s own harbor, so should hopefully make for interesting photos of sand, sea, and beach.

I normally like to get a sense of the photographic potential of a place in advance by looking for good shots. I’ve found a few of Newport, including the ones on Panaramio on Google Maps, but it’s taking some time to go over portfolios on photo sites. So I’m soliciting good photo galleries, pointers and ideas of Newport and the surrounding area from you, dear readers. If you have visited the place and have your own gallery online, send a link as well.

Given the (lack of) readership, I’m not holding out hope for any replies, but maybe I’ll get a few. 🙂



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  1. 1 TopL

    Anyone? Anyone…?

  2. 2 Barrie

    My “must-see” places near Newport are the Aquarium, Yaquina Bay lighthouse and the fishing docks in the Old Town area (early am or at dusk). I’ve taken lots of photos in these locations.

    Here’s a link to a few I have posted on flickr:

    Have a blast! It’s a perfect time to be heading to the beach.

  3. 3 TopL

    Hi Barrie, I gotta say I wrote this entry after looking at your photos and thought I’d solicit more gallery links and responses. Great images!

  4. 4 Osama N

    One of the well known Flickr OR-based photographs is Zack Schnepf. He seems to be a pro who sells these for a living, and has a large following on Flickr. I looked up what he did on the coast, and found these (amongst others):
    Ocean Flow
    Back to the Sea

    Check out his other photos. He doesn’t always post his metadata, but he’s into longer than average exposures. Other than over-saturated colors (to my eyes anyway), many of his ideas and compositions are very nice.

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