Fourth of July fireworks


We had a great 4th of July BBQing with the neighbors and chilling out. For a short while anyway, before it was time to head downtown Portland to shoot the fireworks.

We had a great vantage point from my wife’s office from the 20th floor overlooking the two fireworks barges and the Hawthorne Bridge between them. While a little judicious shielding of light reflections in the window glass from the always-on lights behind me, we were ready.

Here’s one of the two I’ve uploaded to Flickr (the other is on my Flickr site):

Portland fireworks and Hawthorne Bridge II
Portland fireworks and Hawthorne Bridge

This was a 10 second exposure at f/11 and 200 ISO.

I managed to forget my cable release, but shot enough at 200 ISO, f/11 and various exposures to get a few decent shots. I also started with the wrong lens — I had the 12-24mm on, thinking the fireworks would be propelled higher, and had to change to the 17-55mm for tighter shots after a few photos. In the end, it was over in a quick 20 minutes.


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