Mozy backup problem continues


I was hoping this post on Mozy would be good news that everything is working out finally, but alas, that’s not to be.

As I last indicated, my problem has moved to not being able to backup a 5GB file, and I’m getting this error, “Disk full (FilesystemError3)”. Conceivably, the error is pointing to a lack of temp disk space, but I checked that and I do have 19.4GB on my E: drive, which is my new temp disk.

Here’s my initial email on this new problem to the Mozy tech rep that has been helping me:

It’s nearly all working. There’s one more file that hasn’t been backed up. The last file that didn’t get backed up correctly is a TrueCrypt container sized at 4.9GB. Several attempts were made after my initial full backup last Friday, but every one of them ended with a “Disk full (FilesystemError3)”.

My understanding based on your FAQ is that there is no filesize limit that I can backup, so I’m not sure what’s up here. I have over 20GB of temp space now, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

What I can try to debug this?

I’ve been in back and forth communication with the tech rep, but every time I send a reply, it takes 2 days for him to get back to me. The first reply from him was that I needed to send the entire Mozy log, rather than what I did when I copied and paste only the last portion of the log. Now, why would that have taken 2 days to get to? The second reply, he tells me that I’m out of temp disk space, and proceeds to provide instructions on how to change my temp disk location, similar to an earlier reply from him. The thing is, I was explicit in my email to him explaining the problem, and that my temp disk had 19.4GB and the file I was backing up was less than 5GB. My hunch is that he missed that point completely. This reply also took two days to craft. I’ve just replied again:

As I’ve indicated in my original email, my temp drive is on E: and it has 19.4GB of space. The file I’m trying to back up is about 5GB, so I don’t see how I have a diskspace problem.

BTW, I *DID* have a temp diskspace problem two weeks back. You pointed that out in your reply to me in a support email I sent then, and I’ve since moved my temp disk location from C: to E:.

Just to be sure, I double-checked my settings and they are indeed correct.

Please suggest what else I can try.


I expect another two days wait before I get a response. I’m mystified by the long turnaround time. Is it because of lack of personnel, and that there are too many problems? I don’t know, but I’ll keep you posted as it unfolds.

BTW, if anyone reading has any power to fix my problem, here’s my Mozy issue number: t889279691276.



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