Rumored Nikon D700 full frame camera is real


Nikon D700

Likely because of leaks by magazines, Nikon has just announced the D700 — a full frame camera in the form factor of the D300 to complement the other full frame D3.

It’s priced at US$3000 or €2600. Guess the EU got taken again because at the prevailing exchange rates, €2600 converts to just over US$4000. Sorry folks across the pond.

Here’s the D700 announcement and here’s a preview.

A full frame camera would be really cool just for the higher signal-to-noise ratio of the large sensor. I’m drooling just thinking of shooting at 25600! But, I like the 1.5X crop factor too much. With the 12-24mm lens, I already have the wide angle covered, and I’m not too worried about the maximum aperture of f/4. However, with the crop factor, I benefit from the zoom range — my 75-300mm zoom becomes a 112.5-450mm lens. If I had a full frame camera, that lens would be pretty big.

I’ll stick with my cropped frame camera, thank you!

Nikon SB-900More interesting to me is the announcement of the Speedlight SB-900.

I’m in the market for a flash, and now I’ll need to decide between the SB-800 and the new SB-900. It’s quite a bit bigger and heavier than the SB-800, so I’m not sure if the extra range and compatibility with full frame and cropped frame cameras is something worth the weight.

Which? Good question for another day.


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