Firefox 3 by a nice margin


I was looking at the stats of visitors to my site and found something interesting — it seems that a large majority of readers use Firefox 3. 36.4% in fact.

Granted I don’t get a whole lot of visitation as it is, so this is by no means representative of the rest of the web population, it’s still quite interesting that it’s only been 10 days since Firefox 3 was officially released, and it’s already the most popular browser to my blog.

Here’s a breakdown of what browser visitors to this site was using for the last 500 visits:

Count Percentage Browser Name Version
182 36.40% Firefox 3.0
138 27.60% Firefox 2.0.0
111 22.20% MSIE 7.0
29 5.80% Safari 1.2
25 5.00% MSIE 6.0
3 0.60% Firefox 1.5.0
3 0.60% Opera 9.50
2 0.40% Firefox 2.0
2 0.40% Opera 9.27
1 0.20% Mozilla 5.0
1 0.20% Opera 9.10
1 0.20% Firefox 3.0 e
1 0.20% Firefox 3.0 C
1 0.20%

According to the list above, it seems that Firefox has 65.4% of the market, Internet Explorer has 27.2%, Safari has 5.8% and Opera has 1.2%. 0.2% of my readership is using Mozilla browser, which is likely based on a variant of the Firefox engine, Gecko, and finally 0.2% are using the rest or are not broadcasting their browser information.

A possibility of why there are so many Firefox 3 visitations is that I’m getting a lot of returning visits. That would skew the results quite a bit. However, looking at the stats, 91.8% are first time visitors (or are using unique IP address each time), so returning visits shouldn’t be distorting the data. Another would be users of other browsers spoofing to be Firefox 3, but I don’t see any special benefits conferred to Firefox 3 users for anyone to want to do that. Based on that, I’d assume that the numbers are reliable.

So far, it seems that there has only been few issues with Firefox 3, so given the stability, maybe I’ll upgrade sooner rather than wait for a patch release as I normally do for software.


One Response to “Firefox 3 by a nice margin”

  1. Wow, finally seems that most of the tech blogs hits are from Firefox, people are getting more aware. Nice to see those stats. Open-source is really the future of computing.
    There are as many Opera users than those using older versions of firefox. Good news for Web developers.

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