Change your point of view for better photos


James Duncan Davidson has an excellent blog post about using different point of views to get unusual and unique photos.

The simplest technique that normal people like me can use is to not shoot standing straight up, or from the same location as everyone else. Try a different elevation — higher or lower elevations might add to interesting shots, or different angles — you might find something you don’t expect.

Here’s a shot I took at the Pike Place Market in Seattle two days ago.

Outside shooting in at the Pike Place Market
A different point of view at the Pike Place Market in Seattle

Trying to get unique photos is rather difficult at this location since it’s been explored and photographed and painted by a LOT of people; it’s hard to get shots that are different from the usual. Instead of shooting from inside the market itself, I shot from outside the market looking in from behind a flower vendor’s stall.

It’s not my favorite photo from my trip, it’s not a radically different take, but it highlights my efforts to get interesting photos.


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