It’s hard to get interesting photos of the places you’re familiar with — I’ve been to Vancouver and Whistler several times, and I’ve lived in Seattle for many years. Because of that, what someone else might find unusual in those places, I find to be quite normal and uninteresting. Also, it’s hard to capture a distinct characteristic of these places, without resorting to usual clichéd, postcard-type photos. So what do I do? I normally just don’t take them.

What I am left with are other clichéd photos that can come from anywhere. Like this small rapids for instance.

Small rapids in Whistler, Canada. Exposed for 14 seconds.

This was taken next to my lodging in Whistler. The exposure was for a full 14 seconds. It’s rather hard to get such long exposures without resorting to some type of equipment, such as a strong neutral density filter. In my case, I happen to come by this river at 9:46pm, so the low light helped a lot in getting the shot. I set up my trip and took several photos at different shutter speeds. This was my favorite.

I converted the color photo to B&W, increased the contrast by manipulating the point curve, and added some vignetting to focus the eye.



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