Rapids II


A couple more photos from the same photo shoot of falling water in Whistler. Actually, it’s the same photo in color and in B&W. The base photo was a 1 second exposure. Compared to the previous entry at 14 second exposure, you can now see the white water streaks clearly, as opposed to a cloud of white swirls.

Rapids IIa
Small rapids in Whistler, Canada in color

Rapids IIb
Small rapids in Whistler, Canada in B&W

Which do you prefer?


One Response to “Rapids II”

  1. 1 Teh M1K3Z0R

    I personally prefer the color one, imo there is not alot of black and white contrasting features with the water and the water falling appears to take a less softer tone, but then again i’m not really a big fan of black and white photography

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